Collaboration with: Sharonna Chan

We want to extend the awareness of the Zika virus in the upcoming 2016 Olympicsand how this disease can be prevented with a simple barrier from the design we have created. As the leading cause of human death is invisible to our eyes, the silent killer of the human population is in actuality the disease spreading mosquito. With the upcoming Rio de Janrio Olympics in August 2016, the spread of the Zika Virus may spread out to international areas without a cure. To prevent exposure to this threat, we have developed Papillon, a form of preventative clothing to effortlessly prevent mosquito infections. Our design utilizes a suspension of mesh around the user, in which an air barrier is created between mosquitoes  and the user.  In our further development of our project, we are planning to have this product for malaria or any mosquito infection spreaddiseases.

We further developing this concept to be used in not only the Olympics, but also for developing countries to reduce the amount of casualties and deaths.